Minutes of Board Meeting held on Tuesday 16th January 2024

  1. In attendance
    Charlie McNeill, David Edwards, Bill Harkness, Hazel Matthews, Hazel McWhirter, Andrew Gladstone, Lynne Dalglish and Martin Marsh.
    Others: Carol Lochrie (Machars Action) and Nicki Chadwick (KCDT Support Officer).
  2. Welcome and Apologies
    Charlie welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  3. Minutes of previous meeting
    The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed. Proposed by Martin, seconded by Lynne.
  4. Matters arising
    It was suggested that winter fuel payments should be made on the same date, if possible. It was discussed that this would be difficult for people who request to be paid by cheque. It was suggested that the phrase ‘If you have not received your payment by ???, please get in touch. Please do not contact us beforehand’, or similar is included on the next application form.
    Carol has contacted four accountancy firms and is awaiting replies.
    Carol has written to all KCDT members asking if they are happy for KCDT papers to be sent by email. So far, she has received 22 replies, with one member requesting hard copies of paperwork.
    To date, no payment has been received from SPR Kilgallioch.
    Carol reworked the post office and general store survey results, which are now on the website.
  5. Village Hall update
    Nothing to report.
  6. Jenna Morra Wood
    It was suggested at the last Community Council meeting that a public meeting is organised regarding Jenna Morra Wood. Andrew to organise and promote the meeting. The benefits of using treated wood for the bridge were discussed. Andrew mentioned that a horse had broken the bridge.
  7. Winter Fuel Allowance Payments
    Covered in matters arising.
  8. Play Park update
    Carol reported that planning has been approved! The contractor expects to spend three months on site and is hopeful that the park will be open by the summer. Carol is to ask the contractor regarding disposal of the current equipment.
  9. School Play Park
    Nothing to report.
  10. Kirkcowan Community Council update
    Hazel reported that wood that is being cut in Jenna Morra Wood is being taken away for an individual’s personal use. The person who took the wood said they’d been given permission to remove it but they hadn’t. It was discussed that it is impossible to police people removing cut wood. However, it was confirmed that KCDT and Andrew have not and will not give people permission to remove wood for their personal use.
  11. Grant Application Guidelines and Notes
    Grant application guidelines and notes have been updated and posted on the website.
  12. Finance Report Discussions took place regarding criteria to choose the next accountant, such as cost, reputation, locality, etc.
  13. Grant Applications
    A grant application by the Kirkcowan Gala Group for an Easter bunny drive was approved.
  14. Any other business
    It was reported that Foundation Scotland has requested completion reports for three grants applied for in 2019 in relation to Jenna Morra Wood, totaling £7,511. Carol is to request further information from Foundation Scotland.
    David reported that there was no fixed date as yet for the delivery of the minibus.
    Nicki asked for details of KCDT related stories that can be posted on the website.
  15. Date of next meeting
    The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th February at 7pm Autumn Club.