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Staff & Directors


The Board of Kirkcowan Community Development Trust is made up of six individuals who are elected by the members of Kirkcowan Community Development Trust.

Kirkcowan Community Council can appoint up to two Directors who have the same responsibilities as the Elected Directors but are also responsible for acting as a link between Kirkcowan Community Council and the Trust.

It is the responsibility of the Directors to manage all affairs, property and funds of the Company on behalf of the members.

The following members are currently appointed as Directors of Kirkcowan Community Development Trust:

  • Charlie McNeill (Chair)
  • Martin Marsh (Vice-Chair)
  • Andrew Gladstone
  • Bill Harkness
  • Lynne Dalglish
  • Hazel McWhirter (CC representative)
  • Hazel Matthews (CC representative)


Nicki Chadwick is the Support Officer for the Kirkcowan Community Development Trust. To contact Nicki, email Nicki is employed by Machars Action who have acted as administrators of the Community Benefit Fund on behalf of the Trust since July 2015. Machars Action also has a secretarial role for the Trust.

Carol Lochrie is the Office Manager for Machars Action. To contact Carol, email, phone 01988 403450 or write to Machars Action, 26, South Main Street, Wigtown, DG8 9EH

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