The Kirkcowan Community Development Trust is changing the way it helps Kirkcowan community residents who wish to undertake educational or practical courses/training, under the Educational Grant Scheme (EGS).

From 1st August 2023, residents can apply for grants for any number of eligible courses or training, subject to an overall personal maximum of £2,000.

Anyone who has already received funding under the previous EGS, who is part way through or has completed their course or training, is also eligible to apply for further funding for their existing or new course or training. In such cases, previous EGS grants awarded will be taken into account against the overall maximum grant of £2,000.

Full details of the various conditions which apply to this amended EGS are available via the following link: KCDT Educational Grant Scheme Conditions and Guidance Notes. The application form and declaration is available here: KCDT Educational Grant Scheme Application Form and Declaration. Further help and advice is available from Machars Action Ltd: tel. 01988 403450, email

Anyone who has breached the conditions governing the previous EGS is ineligible for further funding under this scheme.