A new riverside walk has been created, part funded by the Kirkcowan Community Development Trust, along the River Tarf from above Thomas’s Dam to Barnearnie Farm. By realigning a fence further out from the riverbank and installing a new bridge across the Ballochrae Burn, it is now possible to follow the riverbank for about a mile and enjoy some beautiful views of the river and surrounding landscape. This pathway allows you to make a circular walk of just over three miles, by returning along the Mindork road to the T-junction with the B733 then turning right to follow the new path in front of Oldland Farm back to the village.

Care should be taken on the first section of the walk along a farm track through an area which is used for grazing livestock. However, after you go through the first gate at the end of the track the path follows the riverbank through an area which is rarely grazed, through another gate, then along a strip of ground along the riverbank where livestock are excluded. You then reach a wooded area below Barnearnie Farm where a new path has been created through the trees leading up to the farm road. The surface of the path will be grass, to be mown or strimmed annually to control the vegetation. Sturdy footwear is required, but it is no longer necessary to wade across the burn or walk through a silage field to enjoy this walk.