A new footbridge has been constructed across the Barhoise Burn. This, along with some new gates, now make it possible to set out on a circular walk to the west of the village of just over three miles. From the church, head up the Wellhouse Road, turn off to the right and follow the line of the old railway then across some rough ground, over Glenjorry, a small round hill, down to the main road, cross over and follow the farm track past Barhoise Dam, down to the cottage at Barhoise Mill. From there the easiest route is to head up through the gate between the cottage and the steading and then follow the path which leads through the fields alongside the river. It is also possible to stay closer to the river by carrying on to the left of the steading and through the old beech wood on the riverbank. After crossing the bridge, head over the fields towards the Ring Farm, then up the farm road which comes out at Johnston’s Bridge. From there, return to the village either on the road, on the path in the field beside the road or, taking a longer route, through Jenna Morra Wood. Rather than heading directly towards Ring Farm, various longer routes can be taken by following the river as far as the meetings, where the River Tarff joins the River Bladnoch. There are some stiles which allow access to the riverbank from the fields. Care should be taken in the summer months when there is livestock in the fields. Dogs must be kept under control.

There is a network of walking routes centred on the village. For those who just want a short walk with excellent views over the surrounding countryside, follow the well-used path through the rest garden behind the church up to Dickie Wood and down Teapot Lane back to the village. Those who prefer a longer walk can now either head west following the track towards Thomas’s Dam and on up the River Tarff to Barnearnie, returning along the road, or they can head east following the routes described above past Barhoise Dam and down to the Ring Farm. A walk through Jenna Morra Wood can be made on its own or combined with any of these routes and, for those who want an even longer walk, the western and eastern loops could be combined.