In 2019, Kirkcowan Community Council applied for funding from KCDT to improve the Dickie Wood Path, which is situated close to the village and is a popular walk, particularly for dog walkers, as it is fairly short and has magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. The path had become muddy, particularly the section through the Dickie Wood, where there was also a problem of trees and bushes encroaching on to the path. To improve this, the old path was dug out and a layer of hardcore was laid to provide a smoother and drier walking surface. Trees and bushes too close to the path were removed along with some gates that were no longer necessary. In addition to the trees blocking the path, some rhododendron bushes were cut back to provide better views from the wood. A section of drystone dyke, which runs along the side of the path, was also rebuilt as it was in a poor state and stones were falling onto the path.