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Community Action Plan

To view the Community Action Plan please click on the link below

Kirkcowan Community Action Plan.pdf

To read about the whole consultation process and the full report then click on the link below

Kirkcowan CAP main report.pdf

The newly agreed Kirkcowan Community Action Plan will act as a workplan for the way forward. between Nov 2019 and March 2020 the whole Community of Kirkcowan were given the opportunity to have their say on what projects they would like to see developed in the short to medium term future.

The Trust’s Board of Directors will be guided by the Community Action Plan, especially in relation to large scale capital projects that will have a huge impact on the Community.

Funding Applications are sent to Machars Action who will pass the information on to Kirkcowan Community Council for comment before the applications are considered by the Trust’s Board of Directors. The Community Council have the opportunity to express their views, but the final funding decisions lie with the Trust.

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